A Reliable Residential Electrical Service Provider

Bolden Electric in Roseville, CA has been providing outstanding electrical services for residential clients. Our staff has more than 23 years of combined experience, which is why you can trust them that they can handle any electrical issue in your home.

How We Started

Our owner, Cameron Bolden, started as a young, soon to be, father who looked to find a career to provide for the upcoming family, he found electrical wiring to be fascinating, so he pursued it until he gained a wealth of experience in the industry. He opened his own business in 2015, which we now know as Bolden Electric.

Why Choose Us

Accurate Estimates

The knowledge we gained from our experience in the industry helps us assess your electrical needs promptly and accurately.

Expert and Quality Work

Our professionals are licensed and certified and have extensive years of experience. Turn to our team because we never cut corners on a job.


You can count on us to arrive on the job with a smile on our face.